Happy Easter and Long Live Renewal !!!

Jesus Christ Resurrection

About Jesus Christ resurrection

As a Renaissance artist, Hans Memling (1433-1494) painted “The Triptych of Resurrection“. Completed in 1490, this symbolically-rich artwork can be viewed at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France.

Easter Sunday celebrates Jesus resurrection from the dead after his crucifixion by the Romans on Friday. The resurrection symbolizes the victory of life over death, along with the hope of renewal. For Christians, the resurrection miracle is part of Jesus life as planned by God The Father. One of the great Christian symbols is the cross. The vertical line symbolizes the eternity of time and the horizontal line the infinity of space. The crossing point represents a soul incarnation in a given place and at a definite time. The same happened to every one of us when we were born. While Jesus incarnation came from the sky (vertical line), our birth originated from the earth (horizontal line). The cross will be associated with Jesus existence from his divine incarnation at birth to his crucifixion and resurrection. By extension, the cross is a powerful symbol of Christian faith and hope.

About Jesus and Moses miracles

Both Jesus miracle of resurrection and Moses miracle of parting the Red Sea mean that life is more important than death. Jesus miracle is focused on the cross central point, the incarnation of all humans one at the time.  Moses who was found as a baby in a basket along the Nile river, can be associated with bodies of water, such as the Red Sea, Like the water immensity, Moses miracle symbolizes collective survival.

Creation is a miracle of daily recurrence. ‘A miracle a minute’ would not be a bad slogan for God. –George Bernard Shaw

We all experience occasional rocky moments in our life, where we may feel like being crucified. During those hardship days, Jesus resurrection gives us reasons to keep our hope and faith alive while waiting for a miracle to happen. Until then, we will have to endure the carrying of our cross until a part of us will die for another to be reborn.

Last week we celebrated Passover. Whether you are following Jesus or Moses miracles, you will always find messages of hope in the difficult moments of your life.

Long live renewal and happy Eastern to all of you.

In light and harmony. Always, Serge

Happy Passover and Long Live Freedom !!!

Moses parted then Red Sea

One century before Renaissance Sandro Botticelli and Hieronymus Bosch, Italian  religious artist Bartolo di Fredi (1330-1409) painted “The Israelites safely cross the Red Sea, but Pharaoh and his troops are drowned“. Completed in 1356, this symbolically-rich artwork can be viewed at the Collegiate Church of San Gimignano in Siena, Italy.

Passover is Moses celebration for leading his people in their exodus from the Pharaohs enslavement. After 40 years of wandering in the desert they arrived to the Red Sea where Moses performed a miracle by parting the waters and allowing them all to finally reach safely the other coast to freedom.

Some skeptics are saying that Moses miracle was inspired by a tsunami. As it doesn’t take anything away from the story symbolic meaning, trying to demystify a miracle is a futile and inappropriate exercise. Faith in miracles is a key survival factor. Nobody should ever break another person’s dream, as sometimes dreams are the only things they have.

There are only two ways to live your life: as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is a miracle.–Albert Einstein

With its ups and downs, life is like a roller-coaster. We all are subject at a certain point of our life to cross our own desert. During those hardship days, Moses story gives us reasons to keep our hope and faith alive until a miracle will happen. Until then, we will have to endure our own desert crossing to our liberation from enslavement.

Long live freedom and happy Passover to all of you.

In light and harmony. Always, Serge

The Human Race Extinct Museum

The end of the human specie

The end of the human specie

Those following my weekly newsletters know that on occasion I give opinions about the future as well as anticipations of tends or potentials, but I never make predictions of events. I believe that nobody knows future events before people produced them, not even Nostradamus the greatest among all futurologists.. Last week I visited his house in Salon-de-Provence converted into a museum. One of Nostradamus rare dated prophecies was apocalyptic as he wrote that the “King of Terror” would come from the sky in 1999 and 7 months. It didn’t happen. The world end was regularly predicted by catastrophists of all kind. So far, they all have been wrong. Today I will join the doomsday readers with humility, I will not forecast the world’s end but only the apocalyptic end of the human race. There is no need to fear anything. If it happens, we won’t be there to endure the pain and if it doesn’t then there was no need for the fear in the first place. Here is my opinion about the end of the human specie. All people already born will see heir lives extended by new micro-genetic technologies, but nobody nor their successors will see the end of human race. So let’s not waste our imagination for nothing nor spoil our life joy but have fun on this April Fool !!!

August 21, 2017 – A Rare Total Solar Eclipse over the USA

3 rare US total solar eclipses

1918, 2017 and 2024 – The 3 Great American total solar eclipses

On August 21, 2017 there will be a rare American solar eclipse. It will be total and its path will cross the entire USA from the Pacific ocean to the Atlantic. The last time such an eclipse happened was 99 years ago on June 8, 1918 and the next one will occur on April 8, 2024. When the moon hides the sunlight in broad daylight, an unusual darkness occurs in the sky that will move along the land eclipse path.

For eons and up to this day, it is considered normal to believe that eclipses represent important local, regional and global meaning. In ancient China and Babylon, solar eclipses were associated with rulers health and success. For the Greek historian Herodotus, solar eclipse dark skies were sign of peace for an ongoing war. Good omen or bad omen or both? Peace or war or both? Let’s see what happened before and after the June 8, 1918 total eclipse.

June 8, 1918 total solar eclipse historical context

In 1918, World War 1914-1918 was on its fourth year and the Germans had the military upper hand against France, England and allied countries. End of May 1918, Germans are within 50 miles of reaching Paris. On May 28-29, US President Woodrow Wilson is sending 650,000 US soldiers to join allied troops. On June 6, 5,000 US soldiers are killed in combat. On June 9, the German offensive is stopped. Mid 1918, a deadly influenza epidemic kills more soldiers than in combat. On July 17 In Russia, Czar Nicholas and his entire family are murdered by leftist revolutionaries. Battles after battles, the Germans would lose and abandon positions until October 4 when they would ask President Wilson for armistice negotiations. On November 11 an armistice is signed. One year later, on June 28, 1919 the Versailles Peace Treaty is signed.

Coinciding with the 1918 total solar eclipse period, we can observe 3 important factors: (1) the US military intervention to impose peace in the ongoing world war, (2) a deadly influenza epidemic and (3) the murder of Czar Nicholas.

June 1918, August 2017 and April 2024 total solar eclipses

US financial power was built during the 19th century second half and the beginning of the 20th century. Rockefeller became the  world first billionaire, followed by several others. Then, about one century ago, the US oligarchs regrouped in Washington to form the Deep State, from where they would exercise ever since their unchallenged world power. With the recent Brexit and Donald Trump election, things are changing and the century-old Establishment supremacy is loosing ground to the City of London benefit. The Deep State was born with the eclipse of 1918. With the eclipse of 2017, it will enter a phase of transition towards the end of its supremacy until its final collapse with the eclipse of 2024. The Deep State hegemony ending does not mean the end of the United States, but its participation in a new multi-polar world along with Europe, Russia and China.

A previous article about historic empires life cycle established that from 2001 to 2023 the US would be experiencing its hegemony collapse. The 2017 and 2024 Great American total solar eclipses are in sync with that 2001-2023 period tail end phase. What could be expected in the war against terrorism and more specifically against radical Islam centered in Teheran? If history keeps repeating itself, parallels of the three factors observed before and after the eclipse of 1918 are proposed below. Please note that these are my opinions and not predictions.

(1) War and peace: In the Middle-East, a coalition lead by the US will end the war against terrorism by attacking Iran. A broad Middle-East peace agreement, including Israel and the Palestinians, will be reached.
(2) Deadly epidemic: Such an epidemic may develop as a result of a bacteriological or nuclear Middle-Eastern weapons use.
(3) Ruler death: A Middle Eastern prominent ruler, such as Turkish leader Recep Erdogan, will be murdered by a national leftist faction.

Those who knows about future eclipses have a real advantage

To end on a lighter note, let’s remember that thanks to his  knowledge of a coming solar eclipse Tintin and his friends were saved from a certain death by execution.

In light and harmony. Always, Serge

3 Golden Rules To Improve Your Wellbeing

3 rules for happiness

3 easy rules for a greater harmony in your life

To be in harmony with the world, yourself and others is only about improving your communications. Follow 3 simple and practical rules for 21 consecutive days and you will see amazing improvements in your wellbeing.

1 – You and the world – UNPLUG YOUR TV

3 simple, practical and costless rules.  All you need is motivation. This is it. Leave laziness on a hanger. Do not procrastinate. Invest in yourself. Start right now.

Let’s support each other by sharing our resistances, experiences and results.

In light and harmony, Serge


Rigged Elections In France

Rigged elections

Whether it is red or black, at the end it is always Blanc who wins.
François Blanc, founder of the Casino de Monaco
[“Blanc” = French pun for “white” and François last name]

Rothschild and the 2017 elections in Europe

The next elections in Europe can be summarized as follows.
(1) In the Netherlands on March 15, where Mark Rutte the defending candidate is put in difficulty by the populist candidate Geert Wilders.
(2) In France between April 23 and May 7, where Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron are standing out.
(3) In Germany between 27 August and 22 October, where Angela Merkel the defending candidate is threatened.

Every year, the English financial magazine “The Economist” publishes a special issue on the year to come. The magazine co-owned and lead by Rothschild serves actually as his public spokesman voice, The magazine cover always contains encrypted messages about his plans. The 2017 edition continues the tradition. For the elections in Europe, the “Wheel of Fortune” card shows the three key candidates of Germany, France and the Netherlands. For illustration purpose, let’s decipher the message for France.

Elections in France – Rothschild, Le Pen and Macron

Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron appear as the two candidates who are breaking  away from the peloton. Whether Le Pen or Macron is the winner, at the end it is always Rothschild who wins. The games are not played in Paris but in the City of London. My point here is not to make politics, but only to reveal the next French elections cards underside. There is no secret about the relationship between Rothschild and his protégé Macron, who was the managing partner of Rothschild Bank between 2008 and 2012. The link between Rothschild and Le Pen is less obvious. The answer is on the cover of the magazine “The Economist”.

The Wheel of Fortune card shows the three European political leaders who turn their heads forward in a clockwise rotation. There are two voting boxes in the bottom, each containing a ballot with a letter “x”, indicating that the “x” can be rigged in favor of any candidate chosen by the one holding the crank to rotate the wheel. It is obvious that for Rothschild, the invisible crank ruler is none other than him. The Wheel of Fortune card is in agreement with the EU’s barred flag in another card, which means that Rothschild plans to end the EU. The Wheel of Fortune card shows Rothshild’s plan: (1) eliminate Angela Merkel (dark clouds with lightning and turning with head down) who is the candidate of the US Deep State, (2) support Marine Le Pen in France (sun in the sky and turning with the head up), in favor of a Frexit referendum,  and (3) waiting to see how the Dutch campaign develops to decide between Mark Rutte to continue to lead and Geert Wilders the Dutch populist. Let’s note that all three are attached to the Wheel of Fortune which means they have no freedom of action of their own and are totally dependent on the power of the decision maker.

As such, elections results are decided well in advance and are therefore only reality TV shows to distract the population from real subjects such as employment, financial crisis and global conflicts. Here is the question I am submitting today to your comments. “Wouldn’t our mental sanity begin by disconnecting our TV?”

Click “Decipher the Rothschild Code” to read the full article about decoding the cover of “The Economist”.

In light and harmony, Serge Bernard

Harmony And Freedom

Harmony and freedom

Dear Friends of “Make Harmony Great Again”

Harmony and freedom are about truth in the mind, love in the heart, wellness in the body, beauty in the soul and light in the spirit

Beyond financial independence and individual autonomy, existential security and freedom are our two major life concerns. Ideally our existence should be like a house protected by a mountain in the back (earth = security) and facing open space in the front (sky = freedom).

In today’s Western culture, most people’s lives are revolving around material comfort while at the same time denying freedom losses. The cartoon shows how the excess of material wealth comes with the price of spiritual poverty and how the rich beggar ended up losing his freedom.

The future of our financial security and independence is becoming each day more and more uncertain. Seeking inner security and freedom have become our most urgent challenge today. Unlike outer possessions, our inner wealth becomes ours forever and nobody will ever erode, tax or despoil it. Start right now to gain a greater awakening to your awareness.

I am only the moderator. Your comments? …

In light and harmony, Serge Bernard

Money And Harmony

Money and harmony

This new site is primarily participatory. All of us are going to write it down. I am launching a discussion topic and you express yourself in the comments. Today I propose to you a discussion about (1) the division of money and the unity of harmony, (2) material power and spiritual poverty and (3) security and freedom. What is your opinion about the mediation between money and harmony?  …

Happy Valentine !!!

Happy Valentine

May love brighten your heart,
truth your mind,
wellness your body,
beauty your soul and
light your spirit.

Make every day a Valentine day.

In light and harmony, Serge