About Serge Bernard

This blog is published by Serge Bernard

Born in Belgium, Serge Bernard is a “recovered engineer” who in 1995 switched working from the material world towards the purpose of helping others and expressing his lifetime experience in art, science and psychology. His formal education includes a master’s degree in applied sciences from the University of Brussels, a master’s degree in astrology from the École Supérieure d’Astrologie de Paris and a master’s degree in psychology from the Pacifica Graduate Institute in California.

As an artist, his avant-garde symbolic digital painting was presented in various exhibitions. As an author, he has written books on art, astro-psychology and feng shui, as well as a film script and a film-processing scenario. In 2016 he wrote more than 300 articles for the astro-tarology.com blog covering a multitude of subjects from our uncertainties of today’s world up to personal well-being. During his lifetime, he developed talents to highlight the individual and collective consciousness, always striving to create more harmony and well-being.

Together, let’s “Make Harmony Great Again”