About This Website

To think, to love and to act

Since January 2016, we wrote 300+ articles in English and French about today’s world in transition and our lives wellbeing in astro-tarology.com. That site objectives are to seek the truth behind main and alternative medias, and save us from enslavement by resisting collective manipulations. Some articles became viral, such as:

Cracking The Rothschild Code – Who Are Those Billionaires Ruling The World And Our Lives – 2010-2025: Our World In Transition – The Only Thing We Have To Hope Is … The Hope Itself – The 12 Heroes And You

The readership has grown exponentially in two substantial groups: (1) those interested in the world and our lives, and (2) those interested in soli-lunar horoscopes. Time has come to give each group its own forum. From now on, this site (“MHGA”) will take over topics about the world and our lives, while astro-tarology.com will continue with its daily horoscopes.

Moreover, MHGA will become an online and offline forum for those who are motivated to seek light, harmony and freedom, which requires the ability to mediate opposites. Growing to a higher awareness level always starts with improving our self-knowledge. Getting out of our habits and conditionings will prevent our enslavement and increase our Harmonious survival chances.

In light and harmony, Serge Bernard