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This blog is published by Serge Bernard

Born in Belgium, Serge Bernard is a “recovered engineer” who in 1995 switched working from the material world towards the purposes of helping others and expressing his lifetime experience in art, science and psychology … keep on reading

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  1. What a wonderful and much needed purpose in this life. Thank you Serge! I’ve seen your beautiful artwork and it’s very inspiring! All the best to you! Juanita Maria Maxwell

  2. Hi

    You are currently using the Twitter handle of Wellbeing4 but not posting anything regularly.

    I have just set up a business called Wellbeing4 and was wondering if I could use the twitter name please? I’d be extremely grateful.



    1. Dear Alasdair,
      You are right about our limited Twitter postings. However it would cause us inconveniences by transferring that name. Since your new business is brand new, it shouldn’t cause you major trouble in changing your business name such as “Wellbeing5”.
      I wish you all the very best in your new endeavor.
      Kind regards, Serge

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