Algarath Review

The site “Make Harmony Great Again”
Haven of Peace and Positive Thoughts

The arrival of a site that brings a lot is rare enough to be reported, in this landscape labeled “alternative” where mediocrity swells, against a backdrop of negative emotions. Do not rely on my article title: the site is bilingual and allows translations in many languages.

On the other hand, the positive emotions that recharge the energy and thoughts of those who know how to find them in life and also on the Internet are of great benefit to the soul and hence to the body knowing that the two are connected in one direction and the other.

It is Serge Bernard who has had this happy initiative to put online a site / blog that meets a real need, as the Internet is too rarely at the service of what is typically human in us, hidden by the traffic of daily life and by the clear degradation of a society that is going badly.

Yet it is enough to go for the best, which exists in this society. And to add it to our safest landmarks.

War, aggressiveness, breakup and confrontation are opposed to harmony. Harmony within ourselves, with others. The site of Serge Bernard puts harmony at the center of these relationships and places it where it brings the most, to us who often have a deficit because of what surrounds us on a daily basis.

I put this site already in my favorites. It is up to you to see if it meets a need in you as it does for me, and we will be able to accompany its development, since a site that is born brings with the days that pass beads and flowers, gifts appreciated by people like us who seek truth, harmony and quality of debate.


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