Feeling Well In A Sick World

Delusion is out and truth is in

The US empire decline is affecting the entire world and everyone’s life. Less security and less freedom are now part of our daily reality. Because of excessive power abuses and fake news, politicians and medias have lost all credibility. Unless living in deep denial, it is impossible not to see the sky to darken and to signal a serious storm ahead.

The good news is that people are becoming more and more aware of the manipulations.  Every day new hidden truths are being revealed. Political changes are happening. Populations are expressing themselves and consolidating their new voice, as evidenced by Trump, Brexit and the Italian referendum. Coming elections  in Holland, France and Germany will likely continue the trend.

As always in nature, after the storm comes the nice weather. The sky will be blue again and the air will be clear. Then on sound ground, we will finally be able to rebuilt a more humane, more just and more united society. To go through the storm and be ready for the blue sky, we need to consolidate our inner strength. Here is a simple playful way to start.

Harmony and the 12 facets of wellbeing

This is a list of the 12 wellbeing facets affecting each of us. All those facets are important and become highlighted at different times of our lives.

  1. Persona – Be yourself
  2. Body – Be healthy
  3. Mind – Be aware
  4. Heart – Be caring

  5. Money – Be inventive
  6. Work – Be proactive
  7. Love – Be attractive
  8. Sex – Be creative

  9. Spirit – Be intuitive
  10. Fame – Be perseverant
  11. Vision – Be tolerant
  12. Ideal – Be inspiring

This list is not an intellectual exercise but a tool for sharing among the group members. Just start by indicating the first facet number that comes to your mind in the comment box below. Then when someone else has the same number, you will be able to discuss your common topic together. You will feel better in finding that you are not alone. Be playful and start right now …


In light and harmony. Always, Serge