Introduction to Your Couple Soli-Lunar Horoscope

Men Are from the Sun and Women are from the Moon

A successful book title was saying that men were from Mars and women from Venus. Although that metaphor is justified, it is limited to the external relation between men and women. By saying that men are from the Sun and the women from the Moon, the symbolic goes a step further by including also their inner lives.

The best we can do for the world and our lives harmony is to cultivate the wellbeing with our loved ones. Let’s try to see what the Sun and the Moon have in store every day for our soli-lunar couple. Let’s say right away that this has nothing to do with your sun sign nor that of your partner. At a very moment, the Sun and the Moon positions are the same for everyone and the subjective part will appear in the daily 3 selected cards whose perceptions will be different for each one of us.

This is how it works

The first card depicts the solar man (the zodiacal position of the Sun of the moment) and the second that of the lunar woman (the zodiacal position of the moon of the moment). The third card will be the combination of the other 2 and will illustrate their soli-lunar couple.

So let’s illustrate this with an example. Let’s take the 3 cards above, which are corresponding to the new solar year eve day.

From Saturday 18 to Monday 20 March 2017
Sun in Pisces Moon in Sagittarius

The first thing that springs to mind is the man feminine side (the angel is represented by a woman) and the woman masculine side (the priest is represented by a man). These two cards combine into a third: the Pythia, which in ancient Greek religion was the High Priestess of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi and famous for oracles. The first card will speak of the man generous goodness, the second of the woman transmission of heavenly messages and the third of their couple prophetic visions. In practice, this means that this day will offer a good opportunity for the female part of man (his anima) to better understand the woman, and for the male part of the woman (her animus) to better understand the man. The man and the woman perceptions will be in good reciprocity. Communication will be easy and constructive. Moreover, the couple will benefit from a very good intuition for joint projects. This is an excellent time for visions of the future. Monday will be the first day of spring and with it comes the energy of renewal. For the couple it will be the man who will be in charge of the projects implementation and the following days will tell if these visions will have a follow-up or if they were only dreams. Conclusion of the day for the man and the woman: trust your couple intuition.

To go further, it is recommended to keep observing the 3 cards objectively (details and messages) and subjectively (your perceptions and memories). The following calendar shows the 3-card series for the following days, which in turn will be analyzed in more detail at each date of the Sun and Moon zodiacal change.

Images source: The Symbolon deck

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In light and harmony, Serge Bernard