It Takes Two Souls to Achieve Harmony

“By all means get married” told Socrates someone’s question. “If you find your soulmate you’ll be very happy. If not you’ll become a philosopher.” –Socrates

The everlasting longing towards the original oneness

It is springtime and the trees sap is ascending from their roots to each new green leaf.  With nature renewal, Spring is the ideal season for delightful love.  If you found your soulmate, you are a blessed person, otherwise keep your heart door wide open. As producing electricity requires two poles, so does harmony take two souls longing to the eternal oneness. This attraction to unity dates from the universe origin and will always be there. Socrates above quotation infers that there is no other option than either uniting with a soulmate or becoming a philosopher.

My two cents about the universe origin in five steps

ZERO – Nothing – The entire cosmic adventure might have started with zero, the absolute vacuum, that is corresponding to the “Ein Sof” or ”Infinite Nothingness” in the Kabbalah.
ONE – Something – After a certain time, the vacuum developed suddenly into something chaotic made of undifferentiated yin and yang energies. Astronomers call this moment the “Big Bang” and theologians the first act of God.
TWO – Yin & Yang –  The cosmos is exclusively composed of two essential energies (yin and yang) that balance each other exactly. The total of cosmic yin energy (substance) is equivalent to the total of cosmic yang energy (essence). This assumption means that one cannot produce any yin energy without any yang energy of equal importance. To illustrate the point in a simple analogic way, it can be said that the creation of a mashed potatoes mound on a plate (yin) results from leaving empty an equivalent space of mashed potatoes in a pot (yang). Based on that assumption, it is reasonable to state that the total of cosmic yin and yang energies equals zero, which is consistent with the original nothingness in step zero.
THREE – Trinity – During the next several billion years, the combinations of yin and yang energies became more and more complex until reaching the era of homo sapiens. The substance (yin) would incarnate the body and the essence (yang)would  generate the spirit. Personally, it is my belief that the flow of energy between the body and the spirit is the soul. Body, spirit and soul represents the classic human trinity.
FOUR – Elements – The Greek’s four elements (air, fire, water, earth) originated from the trinity body, spirit and soul. This correlation implies that fire and water are the elements deriving from the human soul. In fact a person with passion (fire) and no feeling (water) appears soulless as does a person with feeling and no passion. In a nutshell, we can say that air = mind, earth = matter, fire = life, and water = form. What happened after that to the human species can be found in anthropology books.

About the soulmate and the longing for the original oneness

Life expands arithmetics. 1 yin + 1 yang = 2 (persons) = 1 (couple) = 3 (father + mother + baby). It takes two souls fused in one couple to dance the tango. When two becomes one, the duality of opposites melts and the miracle of oneness happens. We all are seeking security and freedom. Alone we cannot achieve both at the same time, but two united souls can. The couple of yang’s emitting energy from one combined with the other yin’s receiving energy will unite both security and freedom at the same time. The couple growth will result from holding opposites. With the right soulmate your life will be enlightened, and otherwise, according Socrates, you will become a philosopher.

In light and harmony. Always, Serge Bernard.