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About empires life cycles in history

In 1977, British historian Sir John Glubb wrote an essay titled «The Fate of Empires» whose findings can be summarized as follows.
(A) During 3 millenaries, any empire life has been consistently averaging between 240 and 250 years, regardless of the major changes in transportation speed and weapons sophistication.
(B) All empires cycles in history have followed a same 8-phase pattern process: (1) Outburst, (2) Conquest, (3) Commerce, (4) Affluence, (5) Intellect, (6) Decadence, (7) Decline and (8) Collapse.
(c) Regardless of financial strength, political power and knowledge of previous history life cycles, no empire leader has ever been able to prevent its supremacy from collapsingkeep on reading

Your Life

It’s all about your inside and outside wellbeing. Let´s start with your longevity breakfast.

The Gayelord Hauser healthy diet

During the 1930’s in Los Angeles, Gayelord Hauser developed something that didn’t exist before: a healthy food diet. It was not about losing weight as obesity wasn’t a concern back then. A genius in nutrition and marketing, he created a diet for living younger and longer. Gayelord Hauser diet was based on eating every day 5 ingredients which he claimed would add 5 years of life for each one of them. Those 5 “wonder food” were:  (1) yogurt, (2) brewers yeast, (3) powdered skim milk, (4) wheat germ, and (5) blackstrap molasses … keep on reading


It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.
– Voltaire

Welcome to the website of “Make Harmony Great Again”

Dear friends of harmony and wellbeing, the mission of this site is to bring together those who are motivated by harmony and freedom. Apolitical, it is neither left nor right, neither from the top nor from the bottom, but beyond. Educational, this site will evoke practical harmony through the union of opposites and awareness … keep on reading