Let’s pass from the Love of Power to the Power of Love

Free yourself from bad fake news

A few years ago in the United States it was said that George Washington could not tell a lie, Richard Nixon the truth and Bill Clinton the difference. Today, the replacement of reference truths by alternative truths adds to the confusion. The boundary between the real and the virtual has became very blurred. We feel a little like living in a hologram. Forever, the bad news have sold well and the media have always preferred to report disasters and scandals over happy news. Nowadays we have reached a media intoxication climax. All media are at the service of their masters and must include distraction hoaxes and excessive dramatizations for the only political manipulations sake. No longer giving permission to be manipulated is the only way to get rid of this toxic invasion. Only one option … DISCONNECT ALL FAKE MEDIA AND STAY INFORMED VERY SELECTIVELY THROUGH THE INTERNET !!

Spring renewal is a good time to be interested in what really matters in our lives, what we have something to say about and from which we are distracted to become obedient citizens, submissive workers and endless consumers. We hear very little these days about harmony, well-being and love. So these will be the favorite subjects of my posts in the days and weeks to come. To the bad news on earth, we must look elsewhere and why not towards heaven. Yes, to look for the mirror of well-being, harmony and love. Yes, that of our family, our friends, our loved ones and our soulmate. So, with spring and a new solar year starting, I invite you to see from day to day what the Sun and the Moon have in store for you, for your soulmate and for your couple. Click on the link below to find an introduction about how it works

Introduction to your couple soli-lunar horoscope

Based on the positions of the Sun and the Moon in the sky, the soli-lunar approach will propose three cards that will evoke the mood of the day for you, your partner and your couple. I will help you finding wellness in your emotional and sentimental life. Click on the link below to find what the Sun and the Moon have in store for your couple today.

Sun in Pisces + Moon in Sagittarius = Your couple today

In light and harmony. Serge Bernard