It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.
– Voltaire

Welcome to the website of “Make Harmony Great Again”

Dear friends of harmony and wellbeing, the mission of this site is to bring together those who are motivated by harmony and freedom. Apolitical, it is neither left nor right, neither from the top nor from the bottom, but beyond. Educational, this site will evoke practical harmony through the union of opposites and awareness.

The obsessive fascination with Donald Trump, his supporters and his opponents exasperate me. Their divisions are only amplifying the chaos in which we live today, and increasingly evolving into violent conflicts that are  becoming dangerous to humanity. This site aims to open the eyes of sleepers.

We have no control or consultation about the affairs of the world. Let us forget therefore any useful political role. Open your eyes and never give permission to anyone to manipulate you. You will end up sacrificing a bit of real freedom for a little bit of false security.

We have the ability to change our perception of ourselves, others and the world in order to resist collective hallucinations. This site aims to prepare ourselves to the post-Trump era, whatever its economic and socio-political outcome will be. We are ready today to make the transition.

It is perhaps not by chance that this site was born on the month of February, the month of Valentine’s Day marked by love and the attraction of couples towards the original unity. In this site of union and harmony, there will be much question of the world, but especially of you, your loved ones and all others.

I remember the years when people had confidence in each others. A return to a more united and more humane world is possible today. This site aims to be a forum for meetings, communication and commitment to the well-being of all. Together, let’s Make Harmony Great Again.

In light and harmony,
Serge Bernard

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War, aggressiveness, breakup and confrontation are opposed to harmony. Harmony within ourselves, with others. The site of Serge Bernard puts harmony at the center of these relationships and places it where it brings the most, to us who often have a deficit because of what surrounds us on a daily basis.  I put this site already in my favorites.

Like us, JP, Algarath editor strives to decipher the underside of the cards, which the media seek to hide from us. Visit often Algarathselect.com, you will always learn something new.

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(3) “Make Harmony Great Again” is a parody of “Make America Great Again” whose message is diametrically opposed to that of this site. While the symbolism of the word “America” ​​evokes isolation, the word “Harmony” evokes union. The love of power is the opposite of the power of love.