Sun in Aries + Moon in Gemini = Your soli-lunar couple

Men are of from the Sun and Women from the Moon
From Friday March 31, 5:40 PM
To Sunday April 2, 7:27 PM

Sun in Aries Moon in Gemini
◀︎ Sun in Aries Moon in Taurus
Sun in Aries Moon in Cancer ▶︎

The solar man, the lunar woman and their soli-lunar couple are telling us their story. As in life, the script will change frequently and the symbolically rich cards will guide us through their narrative. We will follow the couple like watching a movie, which by analogy will help you to project our own story.

During the previous days, the solar man was a Warrior, the lunar woman a Lover and their couple was marked by Eros. Love and sex were in the air offering both a reconciliation on the pillow as well as getting back together and regaining self-confidence. The repressed anger was dissolved and the couple harmony restored. Time was destined for playful moments and not to discuss serious things.

Warrior + Mediator = Gossips

Today, the solar man is a Warrior, the lunar woman a Mediator and their soli-lunar couple is marked by Gossips. After the fanciful exchange of the last days and before addressing serious subjects, such as their plans for future actions, a transition is required. Before a discussion about him, her and them, they will talk about others. There are gossips in the air and unanswered questions. Are they only spectators or actors of the gossips? Is someone at risk of being a victim and of whom? Should they remain passive or act? Are gossips of any consequence? The next set of 3 cards will reveal what happens when her archetype as Mediator is ​​replaced by the Mother. We can expect more serious discussions about the relationship with children …

The moon will often change sign. Stay tuned. In the meantime to gain further insight, it is recommended to observe today’s 3 cards objectively (details and messages) and subjectively (your perceptions and memories).

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In light and harmony. Serge Bernard
From the love of power to the power of love

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