Sun in Aries + Moon in Scorpio = Your soli-lunar couple

Men are of from the Sun and Women from the Moon
From Tuesday April 11, 11:42 PM (GMT)
To Friday April 14, 11:27 AM

Sun in Aries Moon in Scorpio
◀︎ Sun in Aries Moon in Libra
Sun in Aries Moon in Sagittarius ▶︎

The solar man, the lunar woman and their soli-lunar couple are telling us their story. As in life, the script will change frequently and the symbolically rich cards will guide us through their narrative. We will follow the couple like watching a movie, which by analogy will help you to project our own story.

During the previous days, she became aware that being alone was not an option and chose to support him. So he would fight in the world and find a haven of peace and love when back at home. Sounded like a great partnership, but she couldn’t let go of her ego power and wanted to be the couple boss. As a result, they were moving again into confrontations and disagreements.

Warrior + Seductress = Vampire

Today, the solar man is a Warrior, the lunar woman is a Seductress and their soli-lunar couple is marked by The Vampire. She will now use her woman seductive power to trick him. Sex is now longer an act of love but a manipulative play for her control. At first he falls in her trap, but when he becomes aware of her game he only looks to get even. His Warrior power confronts the female Seductress leaving her in a victim role. The couple is marked by the Vampire, which implies a sado-masochist side where they alternate sucking each other’s energy for the sake of their individual power. The next set of 3 cards will reveal what happens when her Seductress role is ​​replaced by the Priestess. We can expect their couple to transcend their selfishness to a more spiritual level …

The moon will often change sign. Stay tuned. In the meantime to gain further insight, it is recommended to observe today’s 3 cards objectively (details and messages) and subjectively (your perceptions and memories).

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In light and harmony. Serge Bernard
From the love of power to the power of love

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