Sun in Taurus + Moon in Aries = Your soli-lunar couple

Men are of from the Sun and Women from the Moon
From Monday April 24, 1:32 AM (GMT)
To Wednesday April 26, 2:56

Sun in Taurus Moon in Aries
◀︎ Sun in Taurus Moon in Pisces
Sun in Taurus Moon in Taurus ▶︎

The solar man, the lunar woman and their soli-lunar couple are telling us a story. As in life, the script will change frequently and the symbolically rich cards will guide us through the narrative. We will follow the couple like we are watching a movie, which by analogy will help you to project your own story.

During the previous days, the solar man and the lunar woman were confronting each other and confusion in communication was growing to a new level. His gentleness and her powerlessness were totally misunderstood. She could no longer put up with the chaos and decided to leave. Later, her angelic caring side was telling her that she overreacted and she then decided to return home with apologetic words and goodness in her heart. While he is in a terrestrial pleasure mood, she is more in a spiritual disposition. She believes that this may be a good opportunity for them to seek their noble cause for which she would be the inspiration. However, things have changed and now he rather enjoy every day life and no longer is in a warrior mood.

Lover + Warrior = Eros

Today the solar man is the Lover, the lunar woman is the Warrior and their soli-lunar couple is marked by Eros. Love and sex are in the air. About a month ago the Eros card also marked their couple, but now roles are reversed. Last month he was the Warrior and she was the Lover. The solar man was then motivated with a male desire and the lunar woman with a female attraction.  He was active and she was receptive. Today, he is the Lover and she is the Warrior. She will initiate the sexual moves and he will be more in the receptive mode. When roles are reversed, it is his anima (feminine part in him) that is sexually attracted by her animus (masculine part in her). The couple is exploring new feelings where the woman in him is attracted by the man in her. In any case, right now they are having a great time in bed and daily responsibilities can wait. The next 3-card set will reveal what will happen when the Warrior woman is replaced by the Lover in her. We can expect that both being in Lovers mood, it will be a wonderful time for a love vacation break …

The moon will often change sign. Stay tuned. In the meantime and to go further, it is recommended to observe the 3 cards objectively (details and messages) and subjective (your perceptions and memories).

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In light and harmony. Serge Bernard
From the love of power to the power of love

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