Sun in Taurus + Moon in Gemini = Your soli-lunar couple

Men are of from the Sun and Women from the Moon
From Friday April 28, 2:39 AM (GMT)
To Sunday April 30, 2:48

Sun in Taurus Moon in Gemini
◀︎ Sun in Taurus Moon in Taurus
Sun in Taurus Moon in Cancer ▶︎

The solar man, the lunar woman and their soli-lunar couple are telling us a story. As in life, the script will change frequently and the symbolically rich cards will guide us through the narrative. We will follow the couple like we are watching a movie, which by analogy will help you to project your own story.

During the previous days, love was all over the place. The man, the woman and their couple were blessed by Cupid. All they wanted was to be alone in the world. They went for a love vacation on a deserted island, living a delightful carefree life with lots of lovemaking. We left them hugging in a hamac on the beach, a tropical drink in their hands. Sooner or later though, those paradise moments will have to come to an end.

Lover + Mediator = Golden Girl

Today the solar man is the Lover, the lunar woman is the Mediator and their soli-lunar couple is marked by the Golden Girl. Back home while she is seeking the couple mission and direction, he will remain in a carefree mood. For now, all her conversations attempts about their future are in vain as he remains irresponsive. She is unaware that for now his mind is wandering in a free space, and wonders if something is wrong with him or herself. Some introspection time makes her question if she is bringing her true self to the couple or if she only is an actress playing a role. She wonders if she did renounced to her own identity to fit in the couple. She feels sad about her self-esteem. Did she allowed herself to be disempowered or is he the cause of her negative feelingThe next 3-card set will reveal what will happen when the Mediator woman is replaced by the Mother in her. We can expect caring conversations about her, him and their couple …

The moon will often change sign. Stay tuned. In the meantime and to go further, it is recommended to observe the 3 cards objectively (details and messages) and subjective (your perceptions and memories).

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In light and harmony. Serge Bernard
From the love of power to the power of love

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