The End Of The US Superpower Cycle

As citizens in the world we’re going to have to work
very very hard not to let hate win.
– George Clooney, as Honorary Award of the Césars 2017

To be united can be done … if every person watching
this show took a minute to reach out to one person
you disagree with, someone you like, and have a
positive considerate conversation with …
– Jimmy Kimmel, as host of the Oscars 2017

About empires life cycles in history

In 1977, British historian Sir John Glubb wrote an essay titled «The Fate of Empires» whose findings can be summarized as follows.
(A) During 3 millenaries, any empire life has been consistently averaging between 240 and 250 years, regardless of the major changes in transportation speed and weapons sophistication.
(B) All empires cycles in history have followed a same 8-phase pattern process: (1) Outburst, (2) Conquest, (3) Commerce, (4) Affluence, (5) Intellect, (6) Decadence, (7) Decline and (8) Collapse.
(c) Regardless of financial strength, political power and knowledge of previous history life cycles, no empire leader has ever been able to prevent its supremacy from collapsing.

About the United Stated empire life cycle

The US was born on July 4, 1776. Now 241 years later the US are in the empire life cycle eighth phase, which Sir Golub calls the collapse, That more or less 21-year phase started in 2001 with the NY twin towers attack and should last until around 2022. During the last 100 years, the American Establishment who had unipolar world control is now losing ground. The City of London is decided to fill the vacuum, more in a multipolar fashion. The recent election of Donald Trump indicates a complete reversal of previous failed policies, which has tactics but no strategy. Political disorientation, social chaos and monetary volatility are already here and announcing a troubled period.

What’s next for the United States and the world

Human death is unavoidable regardless of wisdom and knowledge about what happened to previous dead people. And so are empires that rise and live until their inexorable collapse. Superpowers life and death patterns will repeat itself whether their leaders study past history cycles or not. Cosmic life is bigger than human life. The US will not give up its supremacy without a military, political, economic and religious fight. The next financial bubble burst may be fatal and global. US will win the battle against terrorism, but will lose the supremacy war against the rest of the world. This will only mean the end of US supremacy but not the end of the US. As Britain continued to exist after its 1950 superpower collapse, so will the US.