August 21, 2017 – A Rare Total Solar Eclipse over the USA

1918, 2017 and 2024 – The 3 Great American total solar eclipses

On August 21, 2017 there will be a rare American solar eclipse. It will be total and its path will cross the entire USA from the Pacific ocean to the Atlantic. The last time such an eclipse happened was 99 years ago on June 8, 1918 and the next one will occur on April 8, 2024. When the moon hides the sunlight in broad daylight, an unusual darkness occurs in the sky that will move along the land eclipse path.

For eons and up to this day, it is considered normal to believe that eclipses represent important local, regional and global meaning. In ancient China and Babylon, solar eclipses were associated with rulers health and success. For the Greek historian Herodotus, solar eclipse dark skies were sign of peace for an ongoing war. Good omen or bad omen or both? Peace or war or both? Let’s see what happened before and after the June 8, 1918 total eclipse.

June 8, 1918 total solar eclipse historical context

In 1918, World War 1914-1918 was on its fourth year and the Germans had the military upper hand against France, England and allied countries. End of May 1918, Germans are within 50 miles of reaching Paris. On May 28-29, US President Woodrow Wilson is sending 650,000 US soldiers to join allied troops. On June 6, 5,000 US soldiers are killed in combat. On June 9, the German offensive is stopped. Mid 1918, a deadly influenza epidemic kills more soldiers than in combat. On July 17 In Russia, Czar Nicholas and his entire family are murdered by leftist revolutionaries. Battles after battles, the Germans would lose and abandon positions until October 4 when they would ask President Wilson for armistice negotiations. On November 11 an armistice is signed. One year later, on June 28, 1919 the Versailles Peace Treaty is signed.

Coinciding with the 1918 total solar eclipse period, we can observe 3 important factors: (1) the US military intervention to impose peace in the ongoing world war, (2) a deadly influenza epidemic and (3) the murder of Czar Nicholas.

June 1918, August 2017 and April 2024 total solar eclipses

US financial power was built during the 19th century second half and the beginning of the 20th century. Rockefeller became the  world first billionaire, followed by several others. Then, about one century ago, the US oligarchs regrouped in Washington to form the Deep State, from where they would exercise ever since their unchallenged world power. With the recent Brexit and Donald Trump election, things are changing and the century-old Establishment supremacy is loosing ground to the City of London benefit. The Deep State was born with the eclipse of 1918. With the eclipse of 2017, it will enter a phase of transition towards the end of its supremacy until its final collapse with the eclipse of 2024. The Deep State hegemony ending does not mean the end of the United States, but its participation in a new multi-polar world along with Europe, Russia and China.

A previous article about historic empires life cycle established that from 2001 to 2023 the US would be experiencing its hegemony collapse. The 2017 and 2024 Great American total solar eclipses are in sync with that 2001-2023 period tail end phase. What could be expected in the war against terrorism and more specifically against radical Islam centered in Teheran? If history keeps repeating itself, parallels of the three factors observed before and after the eclipse of 1918 are proposed below. Please note that these are my opinions and not predictions.

(1) War and peace: In the Middle-East, a coalition lead by the US will end the war against terrorism by attacking Iran. A broad Middle-East peace agreement, including Israel and the Palestinians, will be reached.
(2) Deadly epidemic: Such an epidemic may develop as a result of a bacteriological or nuclear Middle-Eastern weapons use.
(3) Ruler death: A Middle Eastern prominent ruler, such as Turkish leader Recep Erdogan, will be murdered by a national leftist faction.

Those who knows about future eclipses have a real advantage

To end on a lighter note, let’s remember that thanks to his  knowledge of a coming solar eclipse Tintin and his friends were saved from a certain death by execution.

In light and harmony. Always, Serge

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