Happy Passover and Long Live Freedom !!!

One century before Renaissance Sandro Botticelli and Hieronymus Bosch, Italian  religious artist Bartolo di Fredi (1330-1409) painted “The Israelites safely cross the Red Sea, but Pharaoh and his troops are drowned“. Completed in 1356, this symbolically-rich artwork can be viewed at the Collegiate Church of San Gimignano in Siena, Italy.

Passover is Moses celebration for leading his people in their exodus from the Pharaohs enslavement. After 40 years of wandering in the desert they arrived to the Red Sea where Moses performed a miracle by parting the waters and allowing them all to finally reach safely the other coast to freedom.

Some skeptics are saying that Moses miracle was inspired by a tsunami. As it doesn’t take anything away from the story symbolic meaning, trying to demystify a miracle is a futile and inappropriate exercise. Faith in miracles is a key survival factor. Nobody should ever break another person’s dream, as sometimes dreams are the only things they have.

There are only two ways to live your life: as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is a miracle.–Albert Einstein

With its ups and downs, life is like a roller-coaster. We all are subject at a certain point of our life to cross our own desert. During those hardship days, Moses story gives us reasons to keep our hope and faith alive until a miracle will happen. Until then, we will have to endure our own desert crossing to our liberation from enslavement.

Long live freedom and happy Passover to all of you.

In light and harmony. Always, Serge

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