Rigged Elections In France

Whether it is red or black, at the end it is always Blanc who wins.
François Blanc, founder of the Casino de Monaco
[“Blanc” = French pun for “white” and François last name]

Rothschild and the 2017 elections in Europe

The next elections in Europe can be summarized as follows.
(1) In the Netherlands on March 15, where Mark Rutte the defending candidate is put in difficulty by the populist candidate Geert Wilders.
(2) In France between April 23 and May 7, where Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron are standing out.
(3) In Germany between 27 August and 22 October, where Angela Merkel the defending candidate is threatened.

Every year, the English financial magazine “The Economist” publishes a special issue on the year to come. The magazine co-owned and lead by Rothschild serves actually as his public spokesman voice, The magazine cover always contains encrypted messages about his plans. The 2017 edition continues the tradition. For the elections in Europe, the “Wheel of Fortune” card shows the three key candidates of Germany, France and the Netherlands. For illustration purpose, let’s decipher the message for France.

Elections in France – Rothschild, Le Pen and Macron

Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron appear as the two candidates who are breaking  away from the peloton. Whether Le Pen or Macron is the winner, at the end it is always Rothschild who wins. The games are not played in Paris but in the City of London. My point here is not to make politics, but only to reveal the next French elections cards underside. There is no secret about the relationship between Rothschild and his protégé Macron, who was the managing partner of Rothschild Bank between 2008 and 2012. The link between Rothschild and Le Pen is less obvious. The answer is on the cover of the magazine “The Economist”.

The Wheel of Fortune card shows the three European political leaders who turn their heads forward in a clockwise rotation. There are two voting boxes in the bottom, each containing a ballot with a letter “x”, indicating that the “x” can be rigged in favor of any candidate chosen by the one holding the crank to rotate the wheel. It is obvious that for Rothschild, the invisible crank ruler is none other than him. The Wheel of Fortune card is in agreement with the EU’s barred flag in another card, which means that Rothschild plans to end the EU. The Wheel of Fortune card shows Rothshild’s plan: (1) eliminate Angela Merkel (dark clouds with lightning and turning with head down) who is the candidate of the US Deep State, (2) support Marine Le Pen in France (sun in the sky and turning with the head up), in favor of a Frexit referendum,  and (3) waiting to see how the Dutch campaign develops to decide between Mark Rutte to continue to lead and Geert Wilders the Dutch populist. Let’s note that all three are attached to the Wheel of Fortune which means they have no freedom of action of their own and are totally dependent on the power of the decision maker.

As such, elections results are decided well in advance and are therefore only reality TV shows to distract the population from real subjects such as employment, financial crisis and global conflicts. Here is the question I am submitting today to your comments. “Wouldn’t our mental sanity begin by disconnecting our TV?”

Click “Decipher the Rothschild Code” to read the full article about decoding the cover of “The Economist”.

In light and harmony, Serge Bernard

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    1. Wonderful David!!! Only benefits without downsides. No more pesky political or commercial intox, not missing anything of interest, gain of free time and better sleep … By holding 21 consecutive days, the new habit will become permanent. Share your experience here again on day 22. Be well, Serge

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