The Human Race Extinct Museum

The end of the human specie

Those following my weekly newsletters know that on occasion I give opinions about the future as well as anticipations of tends or potentials, but I never make predictions of events. I believe that nobody knows future events before people produced them, not even Nostradamus the greatest among all futurologists.. Last week I visited his house in Salon-de-Provence converted into a museum. One of Nostradamus rare dated prophecies was apocalyptic as he wrote that the “King of Terror” would come from the sky in 1999 and 7 months. It didn’t happen. The world end was regularly predicted by catastrophists of all kind. So far, they all have been wrong. Today I will join the doomsday readers with humility, I will not forecast the world’s end but only the apocalyptic end of the human race. There is no need to fear anything. If it happens, we won’t be there to endure the pain and if it doesn’t then there was no need for the fear in the first place. Here is my opinion about the end of the human specie. All people already born will see heir lives extended by new micro-genetic technologies, but nobody nor their successors will see the end of human race. So let’s not waste our imagination for nothing nor spoil our life joy but have fun on this April Fool !!!

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