Harmony And Freedom

Dear Friends of “Make Harmony Great Again”

Harmony and freedom are about truth in the mind, love in the heart, wellness in the body, beauty in the soul and light in the spirit

Beyond financial independence and individual autonomy, existential security and freedom are our two major life concerns. Ideally our existence should be like a house protected by a mountain in the back (earth = security) and facing open space in the front (sky = freedom).

In today’s Western culture, most people’s lives are revolving around material comfort while at the same time denying freedom losses. The cartoon shows how the excess of material wealth comes with the price of spiritual poverty and how the rich beggar ended up losing his freedom.

The future of our financial security and independence is becoming each day more and more uncertain. Seeking inner security and freedom have become our most urgent challenge today. Unlike outer possessions, our inner wealth becomes ours forever and nobody will ever erode, tax or despoil it. Start right now to gain a greater awakening to your awareness.

I am only the moderator. Your comments? …

In light and harmony, Serge Bernard

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